Jorge Masvidal Octagon Interview | UFC 287 – RETIREMENT FIGHT

Following his co-main event defeat to welterweight Gilbert Burns on Saturday at UFC 287, BMF champ Jorge Masvidal took a bow for the final time in the Octagon after announcing his retirement.

Official UFC 287 scorecards here 👉

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  1. Since he knew it was a possible retirement fight he should’ve fought like it. But didn’t, he fought reserved and fought like he was just trying to get a paycheck and not get knocked out. This win could’ve easily gotten him into title contention talks since Gilbert is #5. Glad he retired. Talked too much shit and didn’t back it up. Got a flying knee that catapulted his career other than that the average person didn’t even know who he was. And all this champion talk just a few months ago, to go out like this? Just questionable man

  2. Colby already retired him. This was the nail in the coffin

  3. Great personality. He entertained everyone in ufc history

  4. Was Ron DeSantis in the crowd?

  5. They did him dirty with the vid starting off with Burns hittin the griddy 😂

  6. Love and respect to this guy, real patriotic

  7. Another new ritch trying to avoid paying taxes

  8. Jorge was like bet the house on it xDD glad I didn’t bet shit on him

  9. Quickest K.O in UFC, Backyard brawler from the Kimbo days, comes out to the Scareface theme, Subs Chiesa, K.Os Till in his Prime, almost K.O ed Colby Gets caught in the scariest reverse triangle choke ever against Toby Imada looks like he's going to die, refuses to tap f talk about death before dishonor the guys a gangsta, made a blood bath of Nath for the BMF belt and after that Nath went on to almst take out the nw Champion Man what a veteran of the sport so sad to see him go

  10. Really????? Dude def had to many shots on his head.

  11. Shouldn’t have taken out the hug with his son. Was a beautiful moment!

  12. Bros gettin griddied on while retiring 😂😂

  13. Man's still the BMF. Thanks for giving us some of the greatest energy, and badass fights. Win or lose. You're a legend. Let's smoke a blunt.👊

  14. Man got robbed like 6 times in in career this some some bullshit

  15. one of a great fighter, thanks for all efforts

  16. Joe, get your hand off his back you creepy jew

  17. Kimbo would be proud!
    Like look at my dawg!305

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